About Float

Float (Yale Women and Gender Minorities in CS) was founded in 2013 by a group of Yale students who recognized a severe gender gap in the computer science community, and wanted to encourage students who might otherwise be daunted by coding to learn and develop technical skills. To that end, Float hosted a series of HTML and web development workshops on campus (all student-taught) in its first few years, which were very successful. Many Yalies wrote their first computer program through Float's events.

In the time since then, Float has shifted its focus towards broader goals of encouraging students to explore computer science courses, retaining students in the major, and building community. We host study and support groups, teach free workshops, bring speakers to campus, organize lunches with professors, sponsor trips to conferences, coordinate dinners with women in the industry, liaise with the computer science department and alumni, and more. Most importantly, we enable students to build relationships with each other—and what naturally follows is a more welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for students to succeed. 

Float celebrates all underrepresented gender minorities, including trans, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary individuals.


What are requirements for being a member?

There is no expectation for your level of experience coming in as a member of Float. There are three levels of membership: Float Board, Float Bits/Bytes (aka our active members), and Members-At-Large. Members-At-Large are on our email panlist and in our #general Slack channel. There are no requirements to be a Member-At-Large.

Float Bits and Bytes are committed Float members. Perks include first access to exclusive events with companies, bi-weekly socials and tech talks, the ability to add your resume to our resume database, and an amazing supportive community of remarkable female computer scientists. To learn more about membership requirements, look at our requirements and email us at floatyale@gmail.com to get involved! Membership requirements can be found HERE!

Float Board is made up of 13 Yale college students. Check out Meet the Board to learn more and feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Do I have to be a CS major to be a Float member/attend Float events?

No. While we suggest that you are taking/have taken a computer science course at Yale to become a member, anyone interested in computing or involved in a related major can join! Our public events are available to any member of the Yale community.

Float seems awesome! I'm interested in becoming a part of the team. How can I get more involved?

Float operates on a semesterly recruitment cycle—you can become a member at the beginning of every semester. The first step is to join our Slack channel at floatyale.slack.com.

If you are interested in becoming an active Bit or Byte, join using the links before or email us at floatyale@gmail.com with any questions!

Otherwise, please email floatyale@gmail.com to subscribe to our panlist and get updated on all the events going on and find out how to get involved.